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Visit The Lambs

Saturday, October 5th & Sunday, October 6th

10-5 pm

Free for All Ages


Our Dorper ewe flock has started their lambing season and we have little ones for you to enjoy!  While you may not be able to pat them, they sure are fun to watch as they frolic about the pen.  Make sure to bring your camera and take as many photos as you'd like!

This area of the farm is free for visitors.  If you choose to go to the corn maze, be sure to check in at the farm stand to pay admission and receive instructions.


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Touch A Tractor Day

Sunday, October 13th

10 am - 2 pm

Free for all ages



Do you or your kids love large farm implements and want to see them up close?  We have lined up tractors both new and old to view and take photos with!

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in the Maze

Saturday, October 26th

4-5 pm

$5 per trick-or-treater

Costumes Required

(children 12 yrs and under)

One Chaperone Free


Don your Halloween costumes and grab your bags for there is candy to be had! Do your trick-or-treating this year inside the corn maze. Staff will be waiting to receive you in kid friendly costumes with baskets of goodies.

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Special Activities


Fairy House Building

Saturday, September 14th

1-3 pm

Free for All Ages


Do you have a whimsical side? Do your kids enjoy building miniature homes for fairies? Join us for an afternoon of building our very own fairy houses around Coppal House Farm. Use your imagination! Do fairies like feather beds made of chicken feathers? What do they use for plates? Perhaps some acorn tops? All of the materials are provided for this event, but you are welcome to bring some if you wish. No reservation required. This is a free event put on by Community Roots NH and hosted by Coppal House Farm

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Live Animal


"Wild Like Me"

Sunday, September 22th

1-2 pm

Free for All Ages


"He's crazy as a loon!"  "You're moving at a turtle's pace!"  "Why are you pecking at your food like a bird?"   "She is as graceful as a swan!"  "He swims like a fish!"  "That guy is as sly as a fox!"

You have probably heard these similes or even used them.  It's funny that in many ways we connect personally with our wild neighbors, but are so disconnected in others.   Many times people trap and relocate animals, breaking up families or leaving young animals helpless.  There are so many amazing strategies that can be implemented and tried ranging from simply shining a light or leaving a radio on to have unwanted visitor move  to electric fencing to help keep unwanted friends out of the garden.  When it comes to sharing our habitat and co-habitating with our wild neighbors, sometimes things get lost in translation, and the animals are just doing what it takes to survive. Come join the Center for Wildlife at Coppal House Farm,  and learn about our native wild neighbors as well as get to meet some of our beautiful Animal Ambassadors up close. 

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Draft Horse

Photo Day

Saturday, September 28th 1-3 pm

Free for All Ages


Everyone loves to take selfies with our beautiful Belgian draft horses, so today we would like to give you the opportunity to get a little closer!  Twiggy, Ice, Charlie and Wyatt will be groomed and ready for visitors.  Stand next to your favorite horse and get a picture to commemorate your visit to Coppal House Farm.  We will have someone ready to take photos, so that no one will be left out.  Each horse will be available during the following times, so if you have a favorite, please check the schedule.

Twiggy 1:00-1:30

Ice 1:30-2:00

Wyatt 2:00-2:30

Charlie 2:30-3:00

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