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Our Hogs

While most farms raise their hogs over the summer months, we have chosen to raise ours during the winter months for two reasons.  The first being that we grow our own small grains to feed our livestock, all of which get harvested in the fall, so we have the largest quantity of grain throughout the winter.  The second being that pigs cannot sweat, and we have found it easier to keep them warm than to cool them down.  We are proud to say that the grain they are fed is a ration of our own making.  From the corn, oats, and sunflowers that we grow, and the addition of  vitamins and minerals that we buy, we are able to make our own well balanced diet for all of our hogs.  By not feeding food scraps, we raise a leaner, healthier hog.

All of our pork is processed into retail cuts by East Conway Beef & Pork in Center Conway NH, a USDA inspected facility.  All cuts can be purchased from November through July in our self-serve farm stand, or August through October in our full service farm stand.  We also bring a selection of our cuts to every farmer's market we attend.

Available Cuts

Pork is Available by Online Orders Only Due to Limited Quantities 

Ground Pork $9.25/lb

Pork Chops $9.49/lb

St Louis Style Ribs $10.49/lb

Tenderloin $11.99/lb

Butt/Picnic Roast $9.49/lb


Linked Sausage - $12.49/lb

Breakfast (small links), Sweet Italian, Hot Italian & Garlic


Loose Ground Sausage - $11.49/lb

Sweet Italian


*Will be in Stock by end of May*

Regular Sliced Bacon 

Cottage Style Bacon

Canadian Bacon 

Prices subject to change.  

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