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In 2007, we started with only two-acres of our first crop of winter canola to press for culinary oil, and we haven’t looked back.  We quickly found out how much the local deer populations appreciated our canola feeding stations, and needed a solution.  Sunflowers became that solution.  Although predation played a role in our decision to grow sunflowers, the need also had to encompass our overall vision for our farm.   From our motto to “compliment not compete”, grew the desire to produce a product that has been absent from the New England agricultural scene.  Culinary oils are the result of that desire.  While researching how culinary oils are produced, we discovered that not only could we produce a human food product, but the meal byproduct, being high in protein, would give us the potential to produce our own home-grown feed for all our livestock.  Our feed costs to date have been drastically reduced, and we have control over its contents.  Our ultimate goal is to produce multi-use crops that aid in the sustainability of our farm and the local food system.

Today, we grow over 10-acres of sunflowers that we cold-press into unrefined, Non-GMO sunflower oil using traditional extruding methods.  We have a refill station at the farm and at all farmer’s markets we attend to reduce waste and encourage recycling.  We have created feed rations for our hogs and sheep, and are developing a ration for our chickens.  In only one season of feeding our own grain, our processing locations for our livestock have commented on the tenderness of the meat that they process from our animals. We attribute that increase in quality solely to the sunflower meal.

We are excited to say that we have plans to expand our culinary oil offerings.  In 2017, we grew our first crop of camelina, an oil known for its high omega-3 to omega-6 ratio, vitamin E content, and it's ability to lower your blood cholesterol.  Camelina also boasts extensive skin benefits due to its vitamin E and omega content.  In 2018, we will be growing pumpkins to harvest and press into pumpkin seed oil.  The health benefits of pumpkin seed oil are extensive, making it a worthy addition to our oil offerings.

Our culinary oils are available for purchase from November through July in our self-serve farm stand, or August through October in our full service farm stand.  Currently, our sunflower oil is available at most farmer's markets that we attend.  We have 16.9 oz bottles for sale as well as a refill station to refill an already purchased bottle or a container of your choosing.

Sunflower Oil

16.9 oz bottle $16.00 each

8.5 oz bottle $10.00 each (available seasonally)


16.9 oz  $12.00 each

8.5 oz bottle $6.00 each

per ounce $.75

Camelina Oil

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