About Our Maze

Welcome to our corn maze!  Every year our corn maze theme encompasses something that you would see in your own back yard, be it animal, plant, reptile, amphibian, or avian.  As you enter our maze you become surrounded by 8-9 ft stalks of corn, but do not fear!  As you progress through your journey you will find mailboxes to help guide your path.  Each mailbox contains a trivia question about the corn maze theme.  Answer the question correctly and you will be directed to take the correct or shorter path.  Answer the question incorrectly and you will be sent the longer way or the wrong way entirely.  Our trivia is geared toward a wide range of ages from the young to the young at heart.  Those that welcome more of a challenge are free to enter the corn maze through the exit where the trivia will provide no help at all.

Our crops are rotated around the farm for the health of the soil, so our corn maze is a different experience every year.  Depending on the weather, the corn maze has been planted by our Belgian Draft Horses and it is almost always harvested by them.  Our corn is not of the human eating variety, instead it is a feed corn used for the nourishment of our sheep flock and our horses.  For that reason, it is imperative that each ear remains on the stalk in order for us to harvest it.  We ask that those that visit our maze respect our crop by not picking the ears on your way through, and by not cutting through the stalks of corn, which can knock the ears of corn to the ground.

Once you complete your journey you will be welcomed back at the barn farm stand to celebrate your success.  Peruse the farm's own pumpkins, fall decoratives, winter squashes, meats, eggs, and cooking oil, as well as other wonderful locally sourced products including honey and maple syrup.  We look forward to sharing our farm with you this fall!

118 North River Rd (RT 155) Lee, NH 03861
(603) 659-3572
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