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How & What to Buy

Our farm stand provides our own pasture raised, grain supplemented lamb & pork, free-range chicken eggs, non-GMO sunflower oil, and fall decoratives.  We also carry other local products and gift items seasonally.  You can see more about our products below!  We look forward to your visit!

Passing Credit Card

Farm Stand



Farm Share Card

Farmers Market

Farm Stand Hours

Open Daily 10 am - 5 pm

Currently In Stock:

Lamb & Pork

Chicken Eggs (Limited Availability)

Sunflower Oil (By Request due to cold temperatures)

Local Maple Syrup & More

Stop by or place an order Online to pickup at farm or

farmers market

*Please note that our farm store hours differ from some of our events.  While our farm store may be open, please visit our corn maze or sunflower festival pages for specific hours relating to those events.

What We Grow


Pasture Raised Lamb

Lean Ground Lamb $12.99/lb

Shoulder/Blade Chops $9.99/lb

Sirloin Chops $14.99/lb

Leg Chop $14.99/lb

Loin Chops $17.99/lb

Rib Chops $24.99/lb

Kebab Meat $15.99/lb

Stew Meat $11.99/lb

Rack of Lamb $24.99/lb

Leg of Lamb (Bone-in) $12.99/lb

Leg of Lamb (Boneless) $14.99/lb

Shanks $12.99/lb

Loose Lamb Sausage - $13.99/lb

-Breakfast (No Sugar)

-Sweet Italian


Linked Lamb Sausage - $15.99/lb

-Rosemary, Red Wine & Feta


-Hot Italian

-Sweet Italian

-Maple Breakfast

Prices subject to change.  Specials occur seasonally.

Whole & Half Lambs

If you love lamb and are looking to stock up your freezer, you can order a whole* or half animal and have it cut to your specifications.  We are happy to sit down with you and go over the cut sheet to make sure that you are getting exactly what you want.  To download a copy of the cut sheet, click here.  Half lambs are available at $10.50/lb and whole lambs are available at $10.00/lb.  Total cost is based on the total weight that comes back from being processed, not the hanging weight of the animal.  Wholesale lamb can be ordered by calling our office at 603-659-3572.

*We do not offer live or whole roasting lambs at this time

Free-Range Chicken Products


Our eggs vary in size throughout the year depending on the stage of our chickens with most laying a large to extra large egg.

Large/XL  $6 per dozen

Medium $3 per dozen (seasonal)

Jumbo $4 per half-dozen

Available Cuts

Sold Out

*Stew Hens $5.00/lb

*Stew Hens are laying hens that are 2 or more years old and are best suited to making soups and stocks.  These birds are not appropriate for roasting.

Prices subject to change.


Eggs Guaranteed

Join our egg CSA to be guaranteed the freshest eggs all year round.  Pre-purchase three months at a time receive one dozen per week and choose your farm pick up day.

$72 per 3-month cycle (13 weeks)

$144 for 2 dozen per week for 3 months

January - March

April - June

July - September 

October - December 

Proration available for late sign-ups

Sold out for Quarter 1


Sunflower Oil

New Bottle

16.9 oz bottle $16.00 each

8.5 oz bottle $10.00 each 


16.9 oz  $12.00 each

8.5 oz bottle $6.00 each

Bring Your Own Bottle : per ounce $.75

Wholesale Gallon (container not provided) : $55.00

Naturally Raised Pork

Ground Pork $10.99/lb

Southern Style Ribs $18.99/lb

Boneless Pork Chops $13.99/lb

Regular Bacon - $18.99/lb

Loose Pork Sausage - $12.99/lb

-*Breakfast (No Sugar)

-Sweet Italian

Linked Pork Sausage - $15.99/lb


-Sweet Italian

-Hot Italian

Prices subject to change.  Special occur seasonally.


Farmers Markets

We attend both summer and winter markets.  Check the schedule below for where to find us!

2024 Summer Season - Seacoast Eat Local

Portsmouth Market

8 am - 12 pm

Located at 1 Junkins Ave (the City Hall Lot) 

Every Saturday from May 4 - Oct 26

We will NOT be in attendance on the following dates due to farm events:

July 27

August 3

PREORDER your Lamb & Pork to pick up at any market we attend!


5% discount on all preorders paid with cash, check, or venmo


Farm Share Card

Our way of letting you personalize your Meat CSA!

Purchasing a card allows you to:

Select your own lamb and/or pork cuts

Be flexible on when you want to restock your freezer

Try other products the farm produces like our delicious chicken eggs & sunflower oil

Get rewarded with $15 extra to spend!

$250 to get started
We will automatically load an extra $15 onto your card

*once purchased, card is reloadable for continued use
**you will receive an extra $15 for every $250 loaded onto the card

To Order Your Card
Email with the following info:
Full Name
Mailing Address
Phone Number
*please put "Farm Share" in the subject line

To Use Your Card
Place an online order through the link at the top of this page
call 603-659-3572 to Schedule a Time to shop
You can also visit any Farmers Market we attend!
*see farmers market section on this page for our current markets

**Card value never expires

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